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Love the Children Foundation (LTCF) is primarily a charity work providing a house and a home for children. Do you feel the need to help?


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How to Help

There are so many ways that you can help and get involved with Love The Children Foundation. You can be an orphanage sponsor or Volunteer your time an

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LTCFI Updates – 1st Quarter of 2018

Dear Partners,

Grace to you and peace!

On behalf of the couple Mr. & Mrs. Chua (LTCF Founder), I am happy so happy to share with you the hig

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SUCCESS STORY – Jay Ann Dusaban Story

The couple was from the province of Matalam, North Cotabato and has been in & out of the hospital. Their other children were away from them because they lost their home. The family worked as a caretaker in a small farm where they lived for free, but the owner advised them to leave because they […]

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Education is a right! With your support, all our children are in school. They are so blessed. With that, they perform well in school. Chrezty led the action song Jade inside his classroom  

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DAY 1 PREPARATION DAY DAY 2 – DEPARTURE DAY 3 – TOWARDS THE MISSION’S AREA They have to walk miles back to their homes…but, they could never forget the LOVE OF JESUS that you shared with them on this very special day! They felt that they were never forgotten! God bless you dearly! Our prayer and declaration […]

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Story of Arnel Socor

Arnel Socor (Not his real name) was just 11 months old when his parents got separated because of third party. Since then, his paternal grandmother was the one who took care of him and handled the responsibilities of raising Arnel. His grandmother works as a laundry woman, but her earnings are not enough to sustain the […]

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Story of Stephen Ablong

Stephen Ablong (not his real name) was turned over voluntarily by his mother at Love the Children Foundation, a decision she made because Stephen’s father died when he was still very young. His father was the only one who earned money to support their family composed of 7 children, which made them experience big financial […]

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Story of Sandro Agupo

Every child is a precious gift from God and they need to be loved and cherished. One of these precious gifts from God is Sandro Agupo (Not his real name). Sandro and his brother were abandoned by their parents at an early age. They don’t know even the names of their parents. The foundation exerted […]

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Skills Training for Children (The Story of four boys who were trained on Basic Bonsai Training)

Rafael Baguio, Ace Rigor Abril, Micahel Dacumos and Luisito Apelado have undergone four (4) months hands – on training on basic Bonsai. They were trained by one of the members of Davao Bonsai Society. His expertise was hired to provide them appropriate training and skills. Since LTCF aims to improve competence and develop full potential […]

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STORY OF Kasandra Arkesa

It was such a big blessing for Kasandra Arkesa (Not her real name) that she was able to venture into the business of planting mushrooms. Kasandra is a housewife and a mother of five children. She lives in Barangay Marapangi, Toril, Davao City. The opportunity came to her when Love the Children Foundation thru Modified […]

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It’s very rampant in the society nowadays that most teenagers experience early responsibilities. There are teenagers who become parents at an early age and don’t have any idea how big the responsibility is in their hands. Jesus Doloritos is one of the students of Alternative Learning System. He is one of those “young parents.” He […]

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