Moreno Siblings – “Loving, Sweet, obedient and responsible kids”

“Loving, Sweet, obedient and responsible kids”

that’s how the Moreno siblings are described by their houseparent. Joshua (4 yrs. old), Joseph (3 yrs. old) and Jeric (2 yrs. old) are all abandoned children. The mother left them and went with another man; thus, the kids were left at the care of their father. Unfortunately, their father did not take care of them. He often goes drinking and gambling while the three kids were left at home with nothing to eat. Consequently, their 70-year old grandfather strived hard to take care of the little boys, but physically weak and financially incapable that he can’t sustain the needs of the kids. With this tough situation, the grandfather consulted the help of a Non-Government Organization but eventually they were referred to Love the Children Foundation for temporary custody where they can be rehabilitated.
During the first time they came to the orphanage, they were extremely thin and is covered with skin allergies. Joseph had the worst skin condition. The three boys were very shy and won’t talk to anyone. A week later the three kids were able to cope to their new environment. Now, they are very sociable and have no difficulties in getting along with other children and houseparents.

Under the custody of Love the Children Foundation, the siblings now found a peaceful, joyful, and loving place. We may not be their real parents by blood but LTCF assures that the children will feel the warmth of belonging in a family who truly cares for them.