Story of Arnel Socor

Arnel Socor (Not his real name) was just 11 months old when his parents got separated because of third party. Since then, his paternal grandmother was the one who took care of him and handled the responsibilities of raising Arnel. His grandmother works as a laundry woman, but her earnings are not enough to sustain the basic needs of her grandchild.

Arnel was brought by his grandmother for temporary shelter at Love the Children Foundation due to an ill-fated event when he was just 4 years old. He became very sick with pneumonia and was in critical condition. His grandmother was worried because she had no money to pay for his hospital bill and other medical expenses. Fortunately, a very kind-hearted neighbor offered financial help and brought Ryan to the hospital.

From then on, she became very concerned for the welfare of Arnel. At her very old age, she was afraid she might no longer be able to work and support his needs, especially the medical demands. Her friend advised her to bring Arnel to LTCF for proper care and intervention. It was on January 2014 when she turned him in to LTCF with the hopes that her grandson would live a better and more comfortable life . Arnel was very thin and malnourished when he got admitted at Love the Children. He was then given immediate medical attention. As the months went by, his nutrition problems were addressed through the healthy food and vitamins he took every day.


At Love the Children, Arnel is a cheerful and a loving child. He loves to play and easily makes friends with other children. There were times he gets into trouble with other kids because of toys. However, Arnel knows how to apologize whenever he gets into a fight.

Early this year, the grandmother visited the orphanage with a good news. The grandmother said that they have hectare of land at the province and one of the big company on the area rented the land. With that, she has already enough monthly income out from her share to sustain her grandson, at the same she is also a pensioner. Last March 28, 2016, Arnel was reconciled back to his grandmother. Arnel was found to be in a good condition and seemed so happy being with his family.