Story of Stephen Ablong

Stephen Ablong (not his real name) was turned over voluntarily by his mother at Love the Children Foundation, a decision she made because Stephen’s father died when he was still very young. His father was the only one who earned money to support their family composed of 7 children, which made them experience big financial difficulties.

His two older brothers were taken to the custody of their grandparents, while his mother remarried and had another child. Years later, his step-father died.

This made matters worse because his mother had no permanent job that would help augment their financial constraints. She sold food just to support their everyday needs, but despite her efforts, the money was still not enough to provide for the whole family. At Love the Children Foundation, Stephen was given proper intervention. He is one of the youth leaders and an active member of the Church music team.

Years passed and Stephen was finally released from the center to go home to his family. Their residence belonged to a depressed community where prohibited drugs are prevalent, but this did not entice Stephen to be influenced by the misbehaving youth. Instead, he continued to be a responsible young man even outside LTCF.

Months passed, he expressed his interest in going back to LTCF to work, and the center accepted him again. Afterward, he is participative in doing livelihood activities in the center which one of it is the Love Nuts, and other tasks assigned to him.

On November of 2015, he was appointed as worship leader at the Blessed Living Church of Philadelphia. During that moment of appointing, he felt honored and privileged to take on that kind of responsibility as a young leader. Since then, he openly allowed God in His life and worked on His behalf.

Stephen also wants to finish his studies and have a brighter future by the grace of God. He and four other boys in LTCF took their exam in Alternative Learning Center (ALS) last January 2016.