SUCCESS STORY – Jay Ann Dusaban Story

The couple was from the province of Matalam, North Cotabato and has been in & out of the hospital. Their other children were away from them because they lost their home.

The family worked as a caretaker in a small farm where they lived for free, but the owner advised them to leave because they could no longer take care of the farm. Having seven children is not easy, but it becomes heavier because of the youngest child physical condition; she is suffering from the imperforated anus or anorectal malformations. The baby was very weak, sensitive & underweight. They were in & out at the provincial hospital, then transferred to the Southern Philippines Medical Center in Davao City. It also took them almost a year being in & out from the hospital. They were occupied of the youngest child’s condition that led the older siblings to stay with other people as a helper in order to get free meals & a place to stay. While the others were supported by a Pastor in the church.

Later on, the church Pastor referred the family at Love the Children for proper intervention. With that, they were given immediate assistance such as house to stay, employment as maintenance staff & educational support for their children. We are also looking for a partner agency who can address the case of the youngest child.

To date, the partner organization commits to support the child’s operation, check-up, laboratories, and medicines. However, after a series of examination & laboratories; the child was still found weak, sensitive & underweight.

Thus, we are also raising funds to support the milk, diaper, colostomy bag and other needs related to food & toiletries.

The family is so thankful for the opportunity and all the help that they received.