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Be A Volunteer

We welcome volunteers from Philippines and outside our country helping us facilitate children’s activities such as tutorial, household chores, value formation or spiritual development,  assist our houseparent, conduct community service, involve in our livelihood project and other fundraising events. Be a volunteer and see how you can help in making a difference for the deprived children and families.



The volunteers will be given a job assignment according to what has been prepared for them that can contribute the goal of the organization. Hence, they have the privilege of a day-off which will be on Sunday and Monday. During these days the volunteers can take out their laundry and do some personal things. However, if they wish to join us and help us at the church they are most welcome.

Specifically, the volunteers are expected to do the following:

  1. Assist the children’s school assignment or projects;
  2. Conduct tutorial activities
  3. Assist the Social worker design and facilitate psychosocial activities or group work sessions for children and youth;
  4. Conduct home visitation or community visits with the staff;
  5. Assist the cook at the kitchen to cook for the children
  6. Assist the housemother with the cleaning, arrangement, household chores and others
  7. Assist in writing children’s stories, website development, and fund raising activities;
  8. Come up with at least two projects based on the need of the organization
  9. Facilitate capacity building for children with the support of Social Worker



  1. Must love working with children
  2. Flexible
  3. Can speak and write English
  4. Can be assigned to any of the following;
    1. Tutorial activities (basic lessons)
    2. Can handle group activities for children, youth and families
    3. Can teach dancing, singing or playing instruments
    4. Love sports
    5. Love gardening
    6. Computer literate or has skills in layouts, writing letters, writing children’s stories, proposals and other
  5. With good moral character or No criminal case
  6. Willing to learn and teachable
  7. No vices such alcohol or cigarettes (if possible)
  8. Open to participate spiritual activities
  9. Male or Female

If you are interested, please drop us a note below and we will get back to you.

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